• Phishing Scams

    13 September at 09:12 from atlas

    Please be vigilant when receiving emails or phone calls from Inland Revenue. if you are unsure about an email then please either forward ...

  • IP & Trade Marks

    27 June at 07:29 from atlas

    I have had several questions regarding IP lately here is an article from which you might find useful ...

  • MYOB - Better Business June 2013

    27 June at 12:42 from atlas

    I can help you recognise the "dead wood" in your business and start you on a path to better cost analysis...................just call ...

  • Business Expenses

    20 June at 10:11 from atlas

    Some useful information of keeping records and what to claim - for further information as me and we can discuss your specific needs ...

  • Advertising

    23 May at 10:43 from atlas

    Monitoring your investment in advertising and marketing ...

  • Home Insurance

    13 May at 12:46 from atlas

    We are all being asked to calculate the cost of a rebuild on our homes this year for insurance purposes.  Following is an ...

  • Government Share Offer

    13 May at 12:40 from atlas

    If you are interested in more information regarding the Governments Share Offer have a look at Craigs Investment Partners ...

  • MYOB Better Business

    24 April at 11:32 from atlas

    Organised small business and the end of financial year.  Contact me if you would like to discuss anything you have read in the ...

  • Business Insider

    21 March at 08:18 from atlas

    An interesting article from Business Insider, contact me if you would like support in finding your niche ...


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